Kyle McKenzie
Editor - Cinematographer - Director

Big Turtle Software

Big Turtle Software



During my first year of university I was asked to create a animated web ad for a new health app by Big Turtle Software.  The task was to simply and effectively outline the purpose and functionality of the app in an easy to understand way.


Character Design

Right from the start I knew that the charter is the ad was going to be a very simple design. This was to save time on creating the ad but also as it would help guide the animation so that the emotion and story would stay easy and simple to follow.


To begin the process of animating my characters I first had to rig them. I did this with the After Effects plug in Duik which uses inverse kenimatics and null based joints to help create realistic movement.

Walk Cycle

As this was my first time doing animation within after effects I thought I should begin with the standard walk cycle. Once that had been sorted and I developed my skills I set out to animate the rest of the piece.

Final Ad