Kyle McKenzie
Editor - Cinematographer - Director
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The 'Cindy Sherman is...' video series forms a key part of the communications and marketing campaign for the exhibition 'Cindy Sherman'. The key objectives were to introduce audiences to the artist and build hype for the exhibition. While Cindy is highly regarded as one of the most important and influential artists of her generation, there is a good proportion of the gallery's target audience who haven't heard of her or perhaps know just one or two of her works. The presents a challenge but also an opportunity. 

The concept was to develop a collection of short videos featuring well-known New Zealand figures  giving different snapshots, soundbites about Cindy Sherman's importance, influence and why she appeals to them personally. The videos will be released incrementally via social media in the month leading up to the exhibition opening. 


Concepts and Ideation

Intro Title Concepts

We were tasked to create a brief intro title. The goal was to fit the established look created by the gallery and to keep it short and simple. 


Test Interviews

Before  interviewed the people the client wanted we created template interviews to help them decide on a look and feel.

Final Interviews